Prices for Bariatric operations (Slim)

Dear Valued Customer,
As a pre-Christmas gift, BE HEALTHY is offering a special deal:

Get a DISCOUNT OF €200 for all services/surgeries
in October and November 2015.
Enjoy your pre-Christmas gift and contact us to make your surgery/treatment reservation.

Prices in Euros:     gastric wrap/plication  =  2400
  sleeve  =  4500
  bypass  =  5250
  band  =  2500

                                   band removal             = 1200

                                     revision surgery,  please enquire

Price includes all pre operative examinations (blood tests, gastroscopy, ECG, spirometry, chest x ray), post operative leak test where required, meals and drinks, medications in hospital and to come home with,  and up to 2-3 days of hospital care.

Transport 1 car from the airport to the Hospital = 90 Euros
Accompanying person = 30 Euros/day (inclusive of bed and standard hospital diet)
Gall bladder removal
(as a part of bariatric procedure)
= 280 Euros
Hernia repair
(as a part of bariatric procedure)
= 180 Euros

All expenses for a surgery must be paid up front, at least one day prior to
a hospitalization. Based on your answers in the questionnaire, we will provide you with the cost of your treatment and our account number.

If using credit or debit cards, please let your bank know about your payment before you leave home, so that they do not block the payment, and make sure your credit limit is adequate! Credit card payments overseas can be very expensive, please check the cost beforehand to avoid disappointment.